After I run

php admin/tool/behat/cli/util.php --enable 

I see this message:

Acceptance tests environment enabled on, to run the test use: 
vendor/bin/behat --config /var/www/education/moodle/admin/tool/behat/cli/tests/behat/behat/behat.yml

Then I run my behat feature file:

vendor/bin/behat --config /var/www/education/moodle/admin/tool/behat/cli/tests/behat/behat/behat.yml local/intelliboard/tests/behat/student_dashboard.feature

Its message to me:

Behat only can run if test mode is enabled. More info in http://docs.moodle.org/dev/Acceptance_testing#Running_tests

I read that doc a lot, there is no any info to solve my issue, because I did util.php --enable and even check a behat.yml and found my student_dashboard.feature test and context variable and related for it .php filename with test steps.

I even install NodeJS Gherkin validator and check my feature for errors - its clean.


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Make sure you have those two configuration entries, behat_dataroot_parent must be added to your configuration file and set to the same value as behat_root

$CFG->behat_dataroot_parent = '/var/www/bht_moodledata/';
$CFG->behat_dataroot = '/var/www/bht_moodledata';

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