Hi I am using EF 4 and EntityDataSource in a Page (WebForms).

This page contains a DropDownList that display UserName. Data from this DropDownList it is from "aspnet_Users". At the moment I am using a single EntityDataSource code belove:

                <asp:EntityDataSource ID="EntityDataSourceListUsers" runat="server" ConnectionString="name=CmsConnectionStringEntityDataModel"
                DefaultContainerName="CmsConnectionStringEntityDataModel" EnableFlattening="False"
                EntitySetName="aspnet_Users" Select="it.[UserId], it.[UserName]">

I need to FILTER the UserName associated to a specific ROLE and displaying it in the DropDownList therefore using others tables "aspnet_UsersInRoles" and "aspnet_Roles".

How to do it?

Thanks guys for your time.


Have you looked at this tutorial?
It gives some hints about the Where clauses, involving related entities as well.
If this doesn't help, take a look at this question, it deals with the Selecting event that gives more flexibility.

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