Is it possible to force jQuery.jScrollPane to always show a vertical scroll-bar?

e.g. hidden setting, API function?

Preferably without touching the content pane, its height etc.

  • it depends... can you provide some html or a link, please? I think that a function should be ok, but a need to see that. – Andrea Turri Nov 22 '10 at 13:02

Unfortunately this isn't currently possible with jScrollPane. There is an open feature request for it though:


As a workaround for now you could place an element with a min-height directly inside your scrollpane to force the scrollbar like in this example:


Hope it helps!


another method which I've confirmed will work is to add a new parameter "alwaysShowScroll:true" and make two changes in jquery.jscrollpane.js:

~line 176, change if (!(isScrollableH || isScrollableV)) {
to if (!(isScrollableH || isScrollableV || settings.alwaysShowScroll)) {

~line 241, change if (isScrollableV) {
to if (isScrollableV || settings.alwaysShowScroll) {


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