I have just tried adding a custom domain to my Github page but now I have a message that says

'404: There isn't a GitHub Pages site here.'

If I build the page site locally all works as expected. So presumably I have not redirected the webpage correctly? How would I confirm this? I thought the problem may be the same as this question but I don't think it is, since removing or adding www does not change anything.

I have not received any errors from Jekyll and have no clue where to look for what is going wrong.

Any advice someone might have for fixing or identifying where to look would be greatly appreciated.

The custom domain is sampassmore.com and the build of my website can be found here

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    It is working, domain systems take a while to propagate changes
    – marcanuy
    Commented Feb 25, 2017 at 17:14

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I can observe CNAME record used, there is this trobuleshooting guide.

But first make sure that it does not require GitHub enterprise

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