I am using a Clear bit gem. How do I call the external API in the Rails application and send data back forth without the default database to store data.I need to build a form like the Clear bit form and send data back and forth.Do I need a controller and model for the same?

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To call any external url, you should require rest-client gem.

url = "https://...."
body = RestClient.get(url)

You have to check the rest-client documentation

  • @neilmartis you need to do it using AJAX requests; you'll need to connect to clearbit using $.ajax (javascript code) that calls the rails code which will return the result to the javascript code - then you'll check whether the user's info is returned or not. Check this link for Async Ajax calls stackoverflow.com/questions/18366118/… and this one to check if the user stopped typing stackoverflow.com/questions/4220126/…
    – Roc Khalil
    Feb 26, 2017 at 8:18

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