I notice that in https://blog.keras.io/keras-as-a-simplified-interface-to-tensorflow-tutorial.html it says that we can set tensorflow op as input of keras model like: first_layer.set_input(my_input_tensor). But I find that keras does not have set_input function:

first_layer = Dense(32, activation='relu', input_dim=784)

But I get:

AttributeError: 'Dense' object has no attribute 'set_input'.

What may be the problem?


I guess set_input() method is removed in latest versions of Keras. If you see this documentation of Keras, there is a function called set_input() function of keras.layers.containers.Sequential class. But its source code is no longer available on Github.

If you look at the source code of Dense layer class in Keras, you will see that there is no such method called set_input() as well. If you also see the source of abstract class Layer which is the base class for Dense layer, you will see there is no such function called set_input().

So, we can conclude, set_input() method is probably no longer available in Keras.

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