I would like to extract all 2-letter strings from a text with a regular expression, for example :

just a test

would get me ju, us, st, te, es, st

I tried using : re.findall(r'\w{2}',text) but it only divides the words into 2-letter strings and gives me ju, st, te, st

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


I'll leave the regex solutions to regex experts (which I'm not), since it can be done without regex quite simply in a one-liner list comprehension:

s = "just a test"
result = ["".join(x)  for w in s.split() if len(w)>1 for x in zip(w,w[1:])]



['ju', 'us', 'st', 'te', 'es', 'st']

Just split the words, filtering out words with less than 2 characters, and interleave them against their shifted copy using zip

only works if there's no punctuation of course.

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