I would like to add a prefix in each new line of my command output.

I would like to do this because I will run multiple commands in parralel whiches will log in same output log.

I tried to do this with AWK without success

runcommand1 | "[prefix1]" + log > logfile &
runcommand2 | "[prefix2]" + log > logfile &

The result log would be

[prefix1] bla bla
[prefix2] blo blo blo
[prefix1] other bla
[prefix1] other bla
[prefix2] other blo blo
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    Is this different programs trying to write one regular file at the same time? I think you should serialize the logging task so that there is no possibility of clobbered output. Perhaps use different log files for different processes. See stackoverflow.com/questions/15384331/… – pii_ke Feb 27 '17 at 10:13

I would like to add a prefix in each new line of my command output.

runcommand1 | "[prefix1]" + log > logfile &
runcommand2 | "[prefix2]" + log > logfile &
    Second one will overwrite first opened logfile
    you have to append ">>" second one  

Below mentioned few commands may help you.

You can use sed

yourcommand1 | sed  's/^/[prefix1] /' > logfile &

You can use awk

yourcommand1 | awk '{ print "[prefix1]", $0 }' > logfile &
yourcommand2 | awk '{ print "[prefix2]", $0 }' >> logfile &

if you want to pass prefix string to awk then

yourcommand1 | awk -v prefix="[prefix1]" '{ print prefix, $0 }' > logfile &
yourcommand2 | awk -v prefix="[prefix2]" '{ print prefix, $0 }' >> logfile &


yourcommand1 | awk -v prefix="$my_string1" '{ print prefix, $0 }' > logfile &
yourcommand2 | awk -v prefix="$my_string2" '{ print prefix, $0 }' >> logfile &

If that's not all you need then update your question to show some more truly representative sample input (which you receive after running runcommand1/runcommand2) and expected output.

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    Probably it's worth to mention io buffering and the stdbuf command. – hek2mgl Feb 27 '17 at 13:12
  • @hek2mgl: Yes true, most of the time we have to assume input could be like this :) – Akshay Feb 27 '17 at 13:15
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    Two different pipes writing to the same logfile? Won't the second "open" overwrite what the first "open" already wrote? This looks like a race-condition to me. – Jens Feb 27 '17 at 13:15
  • @jens true, I appended second one atleast to make answer meaningful, don't know what user is trying to do – Akshay Feb 27 '17 at 13:17
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    @AkshayHegde I will run two Docker containers and concat their ouputs – Lombric Feb 27 '17 at 15:22

The simplest way to prepend a prefix to each line of output (or append a suffix) is via printf:

runcommand1 | xargs printf -n 1 '[prefix]%s\n' > logfile &

This can be simplified even further if printing a space after the prefix is desirable:

runcommand1 | xargs echo -n 1 '[prefix]' > logfile &

Note that -n 1 is needed to live stream output line by line instead of buffering all lines.

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