How can I plot the following function in MATLAB?

x = 0:20:200;
y = 1+((x/8)^(1/3))+((8/x)^(1/3));`

I tried it using plot(x,y), but it doesn't run any output. Any help?


You should change all operators that get x to elements-wise. this is done by adding . before the operator. So * is matrix multiplication, while .* is an element by element multiplication. This is true also for ^ and /. + and - are always element-wise. For .* the two inputs must be the same size and shape, or one of them is a scalar. For .^ and ./ it's better to always use them if you know that you are only dealing with array operations (unless both elements are scalars).

x = 0:20:200;
y = 1+((x./8).^(1/3))+((8./x).^(1/3));

simple plot

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