Is it possible to issue something like


in Google Cloud Spanner? It looks from the DDL that this isn't possible; if not, is this a design choice or a limitation whilst in Beta?


No, this is not possible. Currently you can only do the following with regard to altering columns in a table:

  • Add a new one
  • Delete an existing one, unless it's a key column
  • Change delete behavior (cascading or not)
  • Convert between STRING and BYTES
  • Change length of STRING and BYTES
  • Add or remove NOT NULL modifier

A work around is possible by following these steps in order:

  • Add the new column to your table
  • Update your code to read to from both columns
  • Update your code to only write to the new one
  • Run a Cloud Dataflow job to migrate the data from the old column to the new column
  • Update your code to only read from the new column
  • Drop the old column

Keep in mind the above steps will not work for the primary key column, you'll have to do by creating a new table, and doing the data migration that way.

  • Dan - thanks for the hints. How would propose going about running a Cloud Dataflow job that performs the migration? Is there anything built in to allow it to get/stream data from Cloud Spanner? – user3707 Feb 28 '17 at 19:44
  • Unless you already have a large dataset, just writing any old process to query read and write everything in a single thread would be sufficient to get the job done. – Dan McGrath Feb 28 '17 at 23:43

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