I want to safely be able to get an enum based on the value.

object UserType extends Enumeration {
  type UserType = Value
  val Anonymous, Member, Paid = Value

If I do:


I get an error:

java.util.NoSuchElementException: key not found: 100
  at scala.collection.MapLike$class.default(MapLike.scala:228)
  at scala.collection.AbstractMap.default(Map.scala:59)
  at scala.collection.mutable.HashMap.apply(HashMap.scala:65)
  at scala.Enumeration.apply(Enumeration.scala:114)
  ... 32 elided

Is there a typesafe way to do this?

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    'Fraid not; you'll have to handle or wrap the exception yourself. – Yawar Feb 28 '17 at 22:08

You can try using find on the ValueSet of the Enum and then get an Option. If the value does not exists, you'll get a None value (using getOrElse is very convenient here).


UserType.values.find(_ == 100)

I would really recommend you to also read this answer that explains how to model a better type safe enums.

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