I need to make my own application with 90% of uber features Can I build my own backend service using uber api?

I mean create my own server side and use uber algorithms, Drivers and customers register with me not uber

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Uber's software (including their API) is proprietary. This means you can use the Uber API to build apps that either help riders book rides or help drivers perform their tasks more efficiently, but you are not allowed to charge a fee atop Uber's base fee. Furthermore, Uber's algorithms for ride pricing and pathfinding remain closed-source and unavailable to Uber API developers.

On the other hand, you may be interested in LibreTaxi. Since it is released under the MIT license, the entire codebase is available for you to read, extend, and use to run your own services. You can operate a business using the codebase and charge customers.

By contrast, Uber's API only exposes an interface for use by client programs and some example apps. (i.e. Uber's Github repos do not contain the source code for their entire infrastructure.)

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