I would like to add my own custom CSS to my new Angular CLI app...

However I am struggling to get this to work and there is not much documentation on how this works which makes it a bit of guess work!

In the image below I have added my custom style sheet in the .angular-cli.json file as so:

  "styles": [

This however does not work...

Kindly advise!

enter image description here

  • do you use ng serve ?
    – jmny
    Commented Mar 1, 2017 at 9:50
  • you can add the path to your index.html Commented Mar 1, 2017 at 11:21

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As per your folder structure, correct path is assets/css/styles.css so change it in your angular-cli.json file as below and check it.

"styles": [
  • 5
    Thanks, that is the path to use. I also had to stop and re-start the app for it to recognise the new location... I was just adding it and refreshing the site.
    – HappyCoder
    Commented Mar 1, 2017 at 9:55
  • 2
    Yes! Restarting ng serve is what was missing for me. Commented Jun 19, 2018 at 0:30
  • where is this in angular.json in angular 6?
    – Gel
    Commented Sep 26, 2018 at 20:52
  • It is now angular.json not angular-cli.json
    – Anik
    Commented Jul 11, 2019 at 5:47
  • How do you use those style in the components? I added "my-styles.scss" in angular.json Commented Feb 20, 2020 at 16:23

Simplest way is to create a folder (in src/) call it styles/ place your style.css (or SCSS and all other _variables.scss files) in it then amend angular-cli.json thus:

"styles": [
  • 2
    There is nothing technically wrong with this answer... it just wasn't explained very well. Nowhere did the OP say that the folder structure had to be under assets.
    – Precastic
    Commented Jul 12, 2018 at 14:34

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