I started a Codename One project with the "Hello World bare bones". I used to define the styles in the Theme tab from the Designer but now it is becoming tedious.

Actually for some selectors, even if I override (unchecking the Derive box) some properties the style is not changed in the Designer (see below) or in the app itself.

The background should be black

The text should be centered

However, in the list of selectors, the color is not the one I selected but the alignment seems to be it.

Radio button has the expected alignment but not the expected background color

It seems that the theme is locked somewhere. Do I make a mistake, or should I set a constant to "unlock" the theme, or even should I clear some directories?

Please note that I am using NetBeans with designer V 1.1

Designer version 1.1.

Edit March 1st 2017

Following @Diamond's great tips, I was able to change the foreground color by setting the Border to empty (instead of NULL). However now the alignment is still not what I expect (see below). How can I do for this property ?

Even after setting the Border to empty the alignment property does not seem to be taken into account

Any help appreciated,


In the Designer, Border is superior to background color and background image. Which means if the border image is set, a background color will have no effect unless the border is just a stroke or line.

Always solve this with these few steps:

  1. Go to the Border tab and uncheck the override.
  2. Click the ... button next to Border Help and a new Dialog will show.
  3. Change the Type (First line) to Empty and click Ok.

Your background color will now have an effect.

  • Wow you should be awarded a medal @Diamond! This is a great tip. Actually now my properties are applied at least for some background / foreground colors. I editied my question because for alignment, it does not work as expected (see the screen capture I added). And by the way, which selector would you use to make the hamburger menu black (foreground) ? – HelloWorld Mar 1 '17 at 13:46
  • 1
    RadioButton UIID cannot be aligned through the designer because of the CheckImage that has to be positioned on either the Left or the Right. Hamburger menu button is an image which can be changed in the theme Constants. The constant to change is sideMenuImage and it may require you adding your own image first. – Diamond Mar 1 '17 at 14:00
  • Oh you're right I remember now about the sideMenuImage I changed in a previous project! Thanks a ton @Diamond! – HelloWorld Mar 1 '17 at 14:17

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