I want to access pic in $request which is instance of UploadedFile class but when I use


it returns nothing...

this is my dd($request->all()) result

array:4 [
"title" => "blah blah
"desc" => "some text"
"respawn" => "mail"
"pic" => UploadedFile {#27
-test: false
-originalName: "hamayesh-hesabdari2.jpg"
-mimeType: "image/jpeg"
-size: 160295
-error: 0

how can I access it?

  • you should try $request["pic"] – Neetin Solanki Mar 1 '17 at 13:35

Use file() method to get the file:


And hasFile() method to check if file exists:

if ($request->hasFile('pic'))

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