I have the following problem with "Mikrotik RB3011UIAS-RM! I downloaded the application form "Mikrotik"website BTest and run some test with it. The test with tcp protocol was successful but when I try to do a test with udp I get the message "disconnected" and this one shows only when i am sending info to it! Here is is the picture and the result that



enter image description here

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If the only thing you're changing between the TCP bandwidth test and the UDP bandwidth test is the protocol, verify that there are no firewall rules blocking UDP from port 2000 and up.

You could try adding a rule explicitly allowing UDP 2000 to 3000, which should be good for a bunch of tests since RouterOS allocates UDP ports as needed.

Please note that port UDP/2000 is the default and may be configured differently on your system.

You could also try to decrease the Local Tx Size in case the packets are unable to be delivered due to excessive size for your network.

-Rich Alloway (RogueWave)

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