This is really really weird:

Without anything in chrome buttons look like this:


enter image description here

However when you throw in the slightest of border-curvature, the css dramatically shifts to

<button style="border-radius:1px">Test</button> 


Event More noticeable is the button:active css changes....

How is it that so many properties can change by adding styling to an object? is there even such a thing as a css selector based on styling?

ie. button:styled{}?

here's a jsfiddle https://jsfiddle.net/vya24rhw/

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    See the Computed Styles tab. When there is no border-radius set, WebKit uses the default button value for the -webkit-appearance property and when there is a border-radius set, it gets reset to none. I guess it is the UA's own way of saying that this one (the one that has a border-radius set) is a custom styled button or something of that sort. I don't have enough information on the why part to post this as an answer. – Harry Mar 1 '17 at 18:26
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    This WebKit Blog article actually states that setting background or border properties will disable the default look of buttons - webkit.org/blog/28/buttons. I guess that this is enough info to post an answer and so I will post one shortly. – Harry Mar 1 '17 at 18:35

The reason that you are seeing a big difference is because when there is no border-radius set, the UA (WebKit) assigns the value for the -webkit-appearance property as button whereas when there is a border-radius set, it resets it to none. It seems like the button appearance has some specific style settings which are not applied when the appearance is set to none. This can be viewed from the Computed Styles tab in the Developer Console.

As stated in this WebKit blog article dated 7th October 2005, there are three appearance constants for buttons namely, push-button (which is used by <input type="submit" .../>), bevel-button and button (which is used by the <button> element). When an appearance constant is set, the element continues to use the pre-defined appearance settings unless we explicitly reset the appearance value to none or use our own background and/or border properties. In my opinion, this explains the reason for the difference that we are seeing.

Note: The blog article doesn't explicitly specify border-radius but I am considering border properties to cover the entire spectrum of all properties relating to border and its styling.

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    Thanks, and thank you for the link to the blog. – lonewarrior556 Mar 1 '17 at 18:53

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