Using git blame, is it possible to see only changes made after a certain date on a file?

I am trying to run, git blame on a file with over 10000 lines and a large commit history. Its hard to spot only recent changes using git blame.


Read the Specifying Ranges section of the git-blame manual. Specifically, you're interested in the --since option:

When you are not interested in changes older than [...] 3 weeks [for the file foo], you can use revision range specifiers similar to git rev-list:

git blame --since=3.weeks -- foo

When revision range specifiers are used to limit the annotation, lines that have not changed since the range boundary ([...] the most recent commit that is more than 3 weeks old in the above example) are blamed for that range boundary commit.

So essentially any line that was modified before the time you specify will begin with a ^ character, because that is the marker for the range boundary.

You can then use grep to filter out lines beginning with ^:

git blame --since=3.weeks -- foo | grep -v '^\^'

git blame --since=<date>

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