I'm new to developing bots and trying to use BotKit within Slack to mention a random user in the #test channel every week. Here is the code I have so far:

controller.hears('interactive', 'direct_message', function(bot, message) {
  // send webhooks

  bot.configureIncomingWebhook({url: 'https://hooks.slack.com/services/my/hook/uri'});
    text: 'Hey!',
    channel: '#test',
  },function(err,res) {
    // handle error

Right now this sends a message "Hey!" to the #test channel when I direct message the bot "interactive", which is fine. How can I get all the usernames of users, and randomize them so that the text outputs like so: text: '"Hey " + "@" + random.username + " !"',. I would want this message to send every week as well.

Any ideas?


Slack provides a users.list function as described here: Slack API users.list

The members array contains user objects. You can user user[0].name to access the first username you want to @mention. in the demo they provide this would be @bobby.

Potential problems could arise because it returns the list in "no particular order"... you could potentially store it in a separate database and look to add elements if they are new and randomize based on your database entries.

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