I'm trying to upload my app to the App Store using fastlane deliver but it's telling me that the bundle identifiers in Xcode and iTunesConnect don't match even though they're the exact same. Why is this happening and what can I do to help myself find out why? I understand that I haven't provided much information but I'm not even sure myself where to start looking. Here is the error message thrown:

Return status of iTunes Transporter was 1: ERROR ITMS-90054: "This bundle is invalid. The bundle identifier cannot be changed from the previous version. If you want to change your bundle identifier, you will need to create a new application in iTunes Connect." The call to the iTMSTransporter completed with a non-zero exit status: 1. This indicates a failure.

Any ideas as to where to start looking? Thanks!


Have you got multiple apps on iTunes Connect? I was having this same problem, but with pilot. I've got two apps on iTunes Connect, and for some reason it was trying to upload to the other app.

With pilot you'll get a message saying:

Ready to upload new build to TestFlight (App: [appId])

I found that the appId was the wrong one (You can check those ids in iTunes Connect under App Information -> General Information -> Apple ID).

What ended up working for me was specifying the app_identifier (your bundle identifier) when running pilot.


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