I've got text from a title that can contain one or more | in it I'd like to use javascript to remove all instances of it.

I've tried

$('title').text().replace(/ |g /, ' ');
"What’s New On Netflix This Weekend: March 3–5 | Lifestyle"

Your regex is invalid.

A valid one would look like that:


In normal JS:

var text = "A | normal | text |";
var final = text.replace(/\|/g,"");

Instead of using .replace() with a RegEx, you could also do it with the .filter() function:

var text = "A | normal | text |";

var final = text.split("").filter(function(c){ 
    return c != "|";


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RegEx was incorrect, it should look like this, with the g switch on the end, and the | escaped.

var str = "What’s New On Netflix |This Weekend: March 3–5 | Lifestyle"

var replaced = str.replace(/\|/g, '');


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