I am trying to get AlertifyJS (v1.9.0) to work in my angular 2 app. I have the following in vendor.ts

import "alertifyjs/build/alertify.min.js";
import "alertifyjs/build/css/alertify.min.css";

with the following call to alertify

openConfirmationDialog(message: string, okCallback: () => any) {

    alertify.confirm(message, function (e: any) {
        if (e) {
        } else {

but keep getting the error

: Cannot find name 'alertify'.

OK folks, I got it working. it was as simple as just putting this line

var alertify = require('alertifyjs');

just immediately after my imports statements


Install package:

npm install alertify.js@^1.0.12 --save

and then you can use in your component by importing it in file,

import * as alertify from 'alertify.js';//import

alertify.logPosition('bottom right').log("Pattern Selected");//example

I specified version because i tested it with and its working fine for me. previous version was not working.


alertify.js plugin file include index.html

import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';
declare var alertify:any;

alertify message inside function.

You can use

import alertifyjs from 'alertifyjs';

For this you have to install alertifyjs package

So use the below command

npm i alertifyjs

First you need to install it with npm install alertifyjs --save

Next you have to import the following in the angular.json file

"node_modules/alertifyjs/build/alertify.min.js" in the scripts array and

"node_modules/alertifyjs/build/css/alertify.min.css" and

"node_modules/alertifyjs/build/css/themes/default.min.css" in the styles array

You also need to import the alertifyjs in the component you have to use it. Write import * as alertify from 'alertifyjs'; at the top of the component to import it in your component. for eg: alertify.minimalDialog || alertify.dialog('minimalDialog',function(){ return { main:function(content){ this.setContent(content); } }; }); alertify.minimalDialog("Minimal button-less dialog.");


It's through a two-step approach:

// import 
import alertifyjs from 'alertifyjs';

// set for global if you wish to use outside of this file (such as Laravel app.js)
window.alertify = alertifyjs;

If you only want to use in that file, just import and use as alertify.success() without setting as global variable.

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