I want to extract JSON value based on condition using jmeter from an HTML page.

<!doctype html>
var list_data_obj = [{
   "list": [
       "field1": "123",
       "field2": "xyz"
       "field1": "456",
       "field2": "abc"
       "field1": "789",
       "field2": "asdf"
       "other1": "qwerty",
       "other2": "asdfgh"

have tried JSON Path Extractor as below but returned NULL.

$.list[?(@.field2 == 'abc')].field1



You won't be able to use JSON Path Extractor as response data is not a valid JSON, it looks like a mix of HTML and JavaScript therefore you will need to use Regular Expression Extractor instead.

The relevant Regular Expression will look like:

"field1": "(.+?)",\s.*"field2": "abc"

JMeter Regular Expression Extractor



The key is to first extract a valid json using a regular expression, then apply a json path extractor on the previously extracted json.

You can perform a 2-step extraction to do this:

  • First Extract the Json from the page by performing a regexp extractor with "list": ([^^]+}\]), group $1$,
  • Then perform a Json Extractor on the extracted variable by selecting JMeter variable, then apply your json path $.list[?(@.field2 == 'abc')].field1.

Useful resources:

  • Another user chose the same solution here: stackoverflow.com/questions/39238561/jmeter-json-parse – Jerome L Mar 3 '17 at 8:51
  • How can I perform the second step? if I use the json Extractor under same HTTP request where regEx applied, then JSON extractor returns NULL. – Yugal Mar 3 '17 at 18:49
  • The json extractor must be applied on the JMeter variable extracted from the previous regexp extractor. It's the only way to chain them. – Jerome L Mar 4 '17 at 14:34

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