I have a WPF Rich Text Box control where I am replacing the text with new text of the same length and I simply want to get the original caret position before I replace the text, replace the text and then reset the caret position.

I think that the problem is that it uses a TextPointer that is tied to the RichTextBox and is reset when I clear the original text so that when reapply it the position has changed. What I actually want to do is to reset it to either the character position index in the original text or I am happy to deal with Lined and Columns.

I have scoured the internet for an answer to what should be a very simple problem and nothing seems to answer it. What I really want is an X/Y coordinate or anything that will help.


You can use GetOffsetToPosition() and GetPositionAtOffset() to save the relative position of the Caret and to restore it.

In other words, assuming that the RichTextBox initializes like this:

    RichTextBox rtb;
    int paragraphIndex = -1;
    int indexInParagraph;

    public MainWindow()

        rtb = new RichTextBox();
        rtb.Document = new FlowDocument();
        Paragraph para = new Paragraph(new Run("some text some text some text."));
        // sets the caret at a specific (random) position in the paragraph:
        rtb.CaretPosition = para.ContentStart.GetPositionAtOffset(5);
        this.Content = rtb;

Note the three private fields in the class.

You should save the caret's paragraph index and caret index in the paragraph, before you replace the text:

    public void SaveCaretState()
        //enumerate and get the paragraph index
        paragraphIndex = -1;
        foreach (var p in rtb.Document.Blocks)
            if (p == rtb.CaretPosition.Paragraph)
        //get index relative to the start of the paragraph:
        indexInParagraph = rtb.CaretPosition.Paragraph.ElementStart.GetOffsetToPosition(rtb.CaretPosition);

and restore it whenever you liked:

    public void RestoreCaretState(MouseEventArgs e)
        // you might need to insure some conditions here (paragraph should exist and ...)
        Paragraph para = rtb.Document.Blocks.ElementAt(paragraphIndex) as Paragraph;
        rtb.CaretPosition = para.ElementStart.GetPositionAtOffset(indexInParagraph);

Please note that its a simple example and there might be other Blocks in RichTextBox.Document. However, the idea and implementation is not that much different.

  • Thanks for that and this has helped. I notice that a position considered a block as a position so when I add blocks the position of += can skip an entire block but I can figure that out. Thanks for your help. – user6590430 Mar 6 '17 at 6:59

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