I have a pipeline script which uses the following step within a withEnv block:

    'capability_squish=c:\\Squish',"build_working_directory=${workspace}"]) {
    bat "python test.py"
    step([$class: 'SquishBuilder', 
        abortBuildOnError: false,  
        extraOptions: '', 
        host: '', 
        port: '4322', 
        resultFolder: "${workspace}\\squish-test-reports\\", 
        skipTestCases: false, 
        snoozeFactor: '1', 
        squishConfig: 'demo_gui', 
        testCase: '', 
        testSuite: "${workspace}\\suite_default"])

The issue is that the step does not run with the Environmental vars that i am expecting, the line

bat "python test.py"

Executes and outputs the expected vars and works as expected, does anyone know why the step would not use the environmental variables ? Or know if there is something that i do doing incorrectly here ? I'm guessing it an issue with Jenkins or the plugin.


As of posting this is an issue in Jenkins pipeline.


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