I went through the firstRun steps here (AWS login required).

I have uploaded a docker image to the ECR and the cluster launches successfully, all steps succeed (ECS status - 4 of 4 complete and EC2 instance status - 14 of 14 complete).

There is no instance attached to the cluster although it is running (see screenshots). What am I doing wrong?

ECR cluster instances EC2 cluster instance


The permissions were missing, or in other words, EMR_EC2_DefaultRule wasn't a AmazonEC2ContainerServiceforEC2Role.

It's explained here.

Would've expected the setup to fail if the role does not grant enough permissions for the EC2 instance to actually connect to the cluster.

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  • I had the same problem, and found that my instance was also missing the appropriate IAM role. Another symptom I noticed was the ecs-agent docker container was constantly restarting. /var/log/ecs/ecs-init.log contains repeated Starting Amazon EC2 Container Service Agent and related entries. – Landon Kuhn Dec 18 '17 at 19:49

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