Say I have 100 textboxes on one form. Numbers go into these textboxes.

I want one button to click, and it will discard all the empty textboxes, and add all the ones which have a number inside of them.

How would I be able to?

So far. This is the code I got. How would I make it add all them up though.

    foreach (Control c in this.Controls)
        if (c is TextBox)
            TextBox textBox = c as TextBox;
            if (textBox.Text != string.Empty)

For mass data entry you should consider using a DataGrid instead of a TextBox - this is because in WinForms, controls are expensive - they are individual hWnd objects managed by User32 - so your form will be somewhat sluggish, and slow to repaint itself if all 100 textboxes are visible on-screen at the same time.

(Indeed, you should look at using WPF for building your UI as it handles high-DPI better and uses "windowless" hardware accelerated graphics).

Anyway, you'll want a tree-traversal function to retrieve all of the textboxes, like in @Muhammad's answer, then remove them. I note that you cannot use Muhammad's answer directly because you cannot remove controls as you iterate through a control collection, so try this:

public static IEnumerable<Control> GetDescendantControls(this Control control)
    Stack<Control> stack = new Stack<Control>();
    stack.Push( control );
    while( stack.Count > 0 )
        Control c = nodes.Pop();
        yield return c;
        foreach( Control child in c.Controls ) stack.Push( child );

List<Control> allEmptyTextBoxControls = this.GetDescendantControls()
    .Where( c => String.IsNullOrWhitespace( c.Text ) )

foreach(Control c in allEmptyTextBoxControls ) c.Parent.Controls.Remove( c );
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