I've been working with the drive SDK for the last few days and previously I was able to request 1000 items on a page using listrequest. Now I'm only getting 100 files no matter how high I set the parameter, but if I set it below 100 it will return whatever number. Did they decide to change the max results overnight or something?


I'm facing the same problem so I've been doing some tests and this is what I've found:

  • If I try files.list with fields: "files, nextPageToken", I get 100 files only.
  • If I try files.list with fields: "files(name, id, etc, parents), nextPageToken", I get 460 files.
  • If I try files.list with fields: "files(name, id, etc), nextPageToken" without parents field, I get 1000 files.
  • If I try files.list with fields: "files(parents), nextPageToken", I get 460 files.

So it seems that depends on how many fields you request and also if one of the fields requested is parents field.


Ok never mind I figured this out. I was requesting all the metadata of each file, which seems to limit the request to 100. I was able to get 1000 per page by requesting only three fields.

EDIT by pinoyyid: This is not the answer. There is nothing that you can do to guarantee that the page will have exactly pageSize items.


You've misunderstood what pagesize does. It is a maximum value, not an absolute value. You should always iterate list results until nextPageToken is null.

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