I have a class as below

class Employee(var person: String = "Employee", var worksAt: String = "California", var mood: String = "Happy") {
   var name: String = "Name: "
            name = "Name: $value"

    var allString: String
        private set

    init {
        this.allString = "$name works at $worksAt is $mood"
        this.person = "Person: " + person!!
        this.worksAt = "Work at: " + worksAt
        this.mood = "Mood :" + mood

    override fun toString(): String {
        return this.name + "\n" + worksAt + "\n" + mood

When I set the name

        val reaEmployee = Employee()
        reaEmployee.name = edt_main.text.toString()

The name get set recursively infinitely... i.e. get Name: Name: .... $value... until out of memory. What have I set incorrectly?


This is because inside the setter for name you are setting the name again, which calls the setter.

You should use field to access the backing field rather than call the setter.

field = "Name: $value"
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