I am interested in getting an install of Django running on IronPython, has anyone had any success getting this running with some level of success?

If so can you please tell of your experiences, performance, suggest some tips, resources and gotchas?

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Besides the Jeff Hardy blog post on Django + IronPython mentioned by Tony Meyer, it might be useful to also read Jeff's two other posts in the same series on his struggles with IronPython, easy_install and zlib. The first is Solving the zlib problem which discusses the absence of zlib for IronPython; hence, no easyinstall. Jeff reimplemented zlib based on ComponentAce's zlib.net. And finally, in easy_install on IronPython, Part Deux Jeff discusses some final tweaks that are needed before easy_install can be used with IronPython.

  • While I haven't tried it myself, the latest IronPython release (Dec 2014) includes ensurepip, so pip should be guaranteed to both be installed and work properly.
    – rattray
    May 9, 2015 at 4:50

Here's a database provider that runs on .NET & that works with Django


This was demoed at last year's PyCon (the details are also available). More recently, Jeff Hardy has blogged about this, including suggestions.


I don't think Django is yet working on IronPython, but I'm not saying it cannot be done.

Django-ironpython project is a work currently underway to run Django on IronPython. The project has reported 65.7% test pass rate with sqlite on 2nd of May 2010.

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