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I have a repeated group with a date field which as a button to select date in a calendar.

<button id="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_1_cal_cal_img" class="btn calendarbutton" type="button">

Selector is


I have disabled my date field since the value is generated in another form.

I now would like to not display those repeated date buttons.

I tried something like that but it doesn't work:

[id^=form_59_].fabrikForm [id^="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_"]"_cal_cal_img" { display:none; }

Would appreciate your help and tips.

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  • will this work or do you need to specify the cal_cal_img ending? [id^="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_"] { display:none; } – Michael Coker Mar 4 '17 at 17:58
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No, there is no such wildcard selector which can help you match any single character in the middle of an attribute selector. Instead you can try one of the below. They are not 100% correct but can get you close to what you need (and are the closest that you could get to with pure CSS).

First Selector in the demo: (combination of starts with and ends with)

The first selector in the below demo will match when the id of the element starts with exactly the text gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_ and it also ends with an exact text of _cal_cal_img.

One possible drawback of this selector (depending on the exact need is that this will also select elements that have the below as id as they also start and end with matching values:

id="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_10_cal_cal_img" id="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_100_cal_cal_img" id="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_10_a_cal_cal_img"

Second Selector in the demo: (use only starts with and ignore the ends with)

The second selector in the demo will select any element when the id starts with exactly the text gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_. This does not care about what is the ending part of the id.

The drawback with this one is that it will match the elements that have ids like the below also:

id="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co" id="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_1" id="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_2_cal_cal_imgs"

Demo with both the above mentioned options:

[id^="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_"][id$="_cal_cal_img"] {
  background: red;

/* use the above one or the below depending on your need */

[id^="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_"] {
  border: 2px solid green;
<input id="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_0_cal_cal_img" />
<input id="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_1_cal_cal_img" />
<input id="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_2_cal_cal_img" />
<input id="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_2" />
<input id="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_2_cal_img" />
<input id="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_2_cal_cal_imgs" />

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    Thanks a lot for your explanations and your time, solution which work nicely is : [id^="gprh_fabrik_user_registration_333_repeat___premier_rappel_co_"][id$="_cal_cal_img"] Cheers, Marc – marcq Mar 5 '17 at 1:56
  • You're welcome @marcq. The question was a nice one too, I was just waiting to see if I understood you correctly before upvoting :) – Harry Mar 5 '17 at 1:58

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