Now I have 21 instances of "fsevent_watch" for which the parent process & process group is "ruby".

I am developing a rails project but nothing is currently running now. The server I started earlier was closed by using cntrl+C. I am on a mac.

How is it getting created? Shouldn't it be closed after the ruby application is closed?

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    Answer so far: nobody seems to quite know why -> github.com/rails/rails/issues/22312 – Casper Mar 4 '17 at 23:03
  • I saw that prior to posting here, but since it started in 2015, I assumed that the conversation broke off midway. So are you telling that it's still a mystery? – user7579349 Mar 5 '17 at 4:57

It is caused by spring server that is running in the background for your Rails application.

You can check the spring status by,

spring status

Then, stop the spring server by,

spring stop

This will kill/close all the active processes that you see.

  • I don't have spring running, checked ps, and also have DISABLE_SPRING=true. This is either Rails server or Atom editor for me. Seems to be the listen gem we added to our gemfile and environment to help ActiveSupport and Rails 'hotload' code for the server. – Pysis Aug 21 '19 at 17:41

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