I would like to use the same component for different routes in a Vue.js application.

I currently have something like this:


const routes = [
    { path: '/route-1', name: 'route-1', component: MyComponent },
    { path: '/route-2', name: 'route-2', component: MyComponent },
    { path: '/route-3', name: 'route-3', component: MyComponent },


const router = new VueRouter({


    <li><router-link to="/route-1">Route 1</router-link></li>
    <li><router-link to="/route-2">Route 2</router-link></li>
    <li><router-link to="/route-3">Route 3</router-link></li>

When I type the route manually in the browser, everything is working well, but when I try to navigate between the routes using some of these router-generated-links, nothing happens. The route changes but the content is still the same. Any idea how I can solve this?


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    Well you are using same component so that's why nothing change, in fact only thing that's change is the route. Mar 5, 2017 at 10:59

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This is expected behaviour as Vue is trying to be optimal and reuse existing components. The behaviour you want to achieve used to be solved with a setting called canReuse, but that has been deprecated. The current recommended solution is to set a unique :key property on your <router-view> like so:

<router-view :key="$route.path"></router-view>

Check out this JSFiddle example.

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    Works like a charm! I understand the reasons why that's the expected behaviour, but since I have three similar pages with just some content differences, I have to use three different routes to load the right content for each page. That's my very first project and maybe I will find a more elegant solution to achieve the same result. But yeah, thank you! :) Mar 6, 2017 at 5:58
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    Duuuuuuddddeeeee I was going CRAZY. Glad I found this answer
    – ihor.eth
    Nov 6, 2020 at 4:10

You can use watch property, so your component will not waste time to reloading:

index.js You might have something like this

const routes = [
    path: '/users/:id',
    component: Vue.component('user', require('./comp/user.vue').default)


  // will fire on component first init
watch: {
  // will fire on route changes
//'$route.params.id': function(val, oldVal){ // Same
  '$route.path': function(val, oldVal){
methods: {
  init_component: function(){
    // do anything you need

Just to make a note. If anybody is working with SSR template, things are a bit different. @mzgajner's answer does indeed recreate the component but will not trigger the asyncData again.

For that to happen, modify entry-client.js like this.


const activated = matched.filter((c, i) => {
    return diffed || (diffed = (prevMatched[i] !== c))


const activated = matched.filter((c, i) => {

        In my case I only needed this for 1 component

    diffed = ((prevMatched[i] !== c) || c.name == 'p-page-property-map')

    return diffed

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