I have a very minimal UIButton (no border, white text color on a clear background, its superView has a dark background). When a user taps the UIButton, I change the alpha channel of the white text color to give it that greyed out look and signal to the user they actually pressed it. Now how do I keep the button in a selected state after they have pressed the button?

The textColor almost instantaneously switches back from gray to white, and I want the color to stay gray, almost behave "stickily" so the user really sees it was selected. How do I achieve this? This is the code I have so far.

logInButton.setTitleColor(pwStyle.appThemeTextFontColor, for: .normal)
        logInButton.setTitleColor(pwStyle.appThemeTextFontColor.withAlphaComponent(0.3), for: .highlighted)
        logInButton.setTitleColor(pwStyle.appThemeTextFontColor.withAlphaComponent(0.3), for: .selected)

^^ Above pwStyle.appThemeTextFontColor just returns UIColor.white


You could add the "selected" color to the "disabled" button state:

logInButton.setTitleColor(pwStyle.appThemeTextFontColor.withAlphaComponent(0.3), for: .disabled)

and simply disable the button on press.. and re-enable it at some later point.


Make sure the button type is Custom instead of System so the title does not fade out and use this in your touch up inside.

   @IBAction func myButtonDidPress(_ sender: UIButton) {
        sender.isSelected = !sender.isSelected



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