I need to take two strings, compare them, and print the difference between them.

So say I have:

teamOne = "Billy, Frankie, Stevie, John"
teamTwo = "Billy, Frankie, Stevie"

$ teamOne.eql? teamTwo 
=> false

I want to say "If the two strings are not equal, print whatever it is that is different between them. In this case, I'm just looking to print "John."


All of the solutions so far ignore the fact that the second array can also have elements that the first array doesn't have. Chuck has pointed out a fix (see comments on other posts), but there is a more elegant solution if you work with sets:

require 'set'

teamOne = "Billy, Frankie, Stevie, John"
teamTwo = "Billy, Frankie, Stevie, Zach"

teamOneSet = teamOne.split(', ').to_set
teamTwoSet = teamTwo.split(', ').to_set

teamOneSet ^ teamTwoSet # => #<Set: {"John", "Zach"}>

This set can then be converted back to an array if need be.

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    This solution fails when there is a repetitive item in one string, example .. teamOne = "Billy, Frankie, Stevie, John, Billy" . Not in the set one Billy will be removed ..cuz you know it's a set, now intersection of two sets won't give you the result as it should – Vamsi Pavan Mahesh Apr 4 '17 at 12:14

If the real string you are comparing are similar to the strings you provided, then this should work:

teamOneArr = teamOne.split(", ")
=> ["Billy", "Frankie", Stevie", "John"]
teamTwoArr = teamTwo.split(", ")
=> ["Billy", "Frankie", Stevie"]
teamOneArr - teamTwoArr
=> ["John"]
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    This says teamOne and teamTwo are the same if teamTwoArr is a superset of teamOneArr. It needs to be ((teamOneArr - teamTwoArr) + (teamTwoArr - teamOneArr)) to find elements that are unique in teamOne or teamTwo. – Chuck Jan 9 '09 at 0:18

easy solution:

 def compare(a, b)
   diff = a.split(', ') - b.split(', ')
   if diff === [] // a and b are the same

of course this only works if your strings contain comma-separated values, but this can be adjusted to your situation.

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    This says a and b are the same if b is a superset of a. It needs to be ((split_a - split_b) + (split_b - split_a)) to find elements that are unique in a or b. – Chuck Jan 9 '09 at 0:17

You need to sort first to ensure you are not subtracting a bigger string from a smaller one:

def compare(*params)
   params.sort! {|x,y| y <=> x}
   diff = params[0].split(', ') - params[1].split(', ')
   if diff === []

puts compare(a, b)

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