I am using IntelliJ IDEA (2016.3) linux version for Java development. As shown in the image below when the mouse pointer hover over an error line, the error message is overlapped by the javadoc making it harder to read the given error message. How to fix this?. Thanks in advanceenter image description here


I use 2017.1.3 EAP on Win10 and it is the same. Seems like a bug. There are several workarounds:

  1. Set time delay for documentation popup to a higher value. This should give you more time to read the error message. (Settings -> Editor -> General -> Show quick documentation on mouse move).

  2. Set a cursor at the code with the error and you will see a duplicated error message in the status bar.

Error message


You can also have the documentation in a fixed spot by clicking the pin in the top right corner of the pop-up. The window will then always be there, but it does update on mouse-overs and it is not over the warning- and errormessages anymore.


This happened to me in Android Studio and I've just removed documentation on mouse hover setting and set a Shortcut Key (Alt+D) for that. This is more comfortable for me.

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