I am absolutly new in WSO2 EI and I have the following doubt.

I am following this official tutorial to study the creation of a business process BPMN process):


If you go in this tutorial the second tab is refered to the Business Process Management tutorial, then I continue following the business process BPMN process street.

I followed all the tutorial and I think that I have understand the key concept of this example but I have some doubts about how to run this example.

At the end of the tutorial it does:

To create the Business Archive File (.bar), do the following.

  • On the Explorer, found in the upper left of your screen, navigate to Package Explorer.

  • Right click on the package and select “Create deployment artifacts”.

  • Navigate to the location of the source. You will find the .bar file inside the deployment folder.

So now I have my /HelloWorld/deployment/OrderApproval.bar file created.

But now what have I to do with this file?

I also have download the EI Server from here: /HelloWorld/deployment/OrderApproval.bar

Then I have configured it in my Eclipse Developer Studio EI setting it as a WSO2 server.

So my doubts are:

  1. What exactly represent this OrderApproval.bar file? Is it a file representing a WSO2 EI executable project or what?

  2. From what I have understand the previous example represents a work flow representing a BPMN process that implements a flow with some rules without that I need to write Java code (correct me if I am doing wrong assertion). But is it something executable or something that have to be integrated into some other application?

  3. If it is an executable project what have I to do to run it and interact with it?


BPMN is process definition that can be run on BPS server. BPS server is part of WSO2 EI solution. You have to run it from [EI_HOME]/wso2/business-process/bin On Linux/Mac OS: sh wso2server.sh On Windows: wso2server.bat --run

Then, when it works correctly, open https : // [serverIP]:[port]/carbon/ and log into the EI-Business Process management console.

Next navigate to Home -> Manage -> Processes ->Add -> BPMN and upload your OrderApproval.bar file.

After uploading file, log into the BPMN-explorer at https : // [serverIP]:[port]/bpmn-explorer. On the "proecesses" tab you should see your process which can be run by action->start.

Try studie this example: https://docs.wso2.com/display/EI600/Creating+a+BPMN+Process

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