I'm trying to use the OpenSSL libcrypto / libeay library to create a simple cetificate / key pair. The code is based on the mkcert.c demo included with the OpenSSL source code.

The demo itself works fine and creates a valid self-signed certificate. Now I'm trying to create a certificate signed by a parent CA certificate. I've modified the demo (see below) to sign using a different certificate / key. The program compiles and runs, however when inspecting the newly created certificate in Windows the certificate is reported as invalid - "This certificate has an invalid digital signature." (see image)

Invalid digital signature

This does not happen when signing using the OpenSSL command line app. I'm attaching a link to the code (apparently it's a little too long for Stack Overflow), please try to see what I'm doing wrong.



OK apparently it also happens via the command line.. this is weird by itself but is more relevant to Superuser now.

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