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In TypeScript, How can we check if some value is NaN? The following do not work:

  1. someObject.someValue == NaN
  2. someObject.someValue === NaN

Please re-comment some reference for further details as well.

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Same as JavaScript, isNaN.

if (isNaN(someObject.someValue)) ...

Or the more modern Number.isNaN

if (Number.isNaN(someObject.someValue)) ...
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    Note that Number.isNaN(null) returns false. – Dean Mar 28 '18 at 18:40
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    Anything that is not NaN returns false. Strings, null, undefined, booleans - they'll all return false from Number.isNaN() or plain isNaN(). The function does not test if something "isn't a number", but rather if it "is NaN" which is a specific invalid number value, in practice. To test if something is not a number, do typeof something !== "number" || isNaN(something). – zeh Feb 18 at 14:42

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