In visual studio professional, we have a short key CTRL+M CTRL+O to collapse all methods & properties in a class. How can I do a similar thing in visual studio code?

I know there are shortkeys like ctrl+shift+[ but this does not meet the needs.

Is it possible to get the VS Pro like behaviour in VSCode?

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  • Fold All:

    • Windows: Ctrl + k + 0
    • Mac: + k + 0
  • Unfold All:

    • Windows: Ctrl + k + j
    • Mac: + k + j

To see all the Shortcuts in the editor in Mac just type: + k + s

Screenshot of Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts

All shortcuts kept up to date by the VS Code team: Visual Studio Code Shortcuts

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    Thanks with Cmd+k Cmd+S to open the short key setting. It's really helpful. – Catbuilts Apr 6 '18 at 2:03
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    Great answer! Thanks. – HartleySan Nov 27 '18 at 13:57
  • Thanks! Made my day – crystal_test Mar 5 at 19:35
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    For those confused like I was, that's a ZERO, not an o. – itcropper Jul 11 at 15:33

Like this ? (Visual Studio Code version 0.10.11)

Fold All (Ctrl+K Ctrl+0)

Unfold All (Ctrl+K Ctrl+J)

Fold Level n (Ctrl+K Ctrl+N)

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    Unfortunately no. This one collapses everything, including the class itself, methods,if-else conditions and loops inside the methods. Where as in VS professional it just collapses methods. When we open a method it opens up fully. – eadam Mar 8 '17 at 23:31
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    Added a 'fold level' shortcut. Maybe it's what you're looking for ? – Eric Bole-Feysot May 15 '17 at 6:41
  • @eadam In a typescript file, Ctrl + K, 2 does exactly that for me. – nawfal Nov 26 '18 at 6:18

Beauty of Visual Studio code is


Hit it and search anything you want.

In your case hit Ctrl+Shift+p and type fold all

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    Cmd + Shift + p for Mac users. – Delicia Brummitt Jan 17 '18 at 17:55
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    best answer for me! – Bahman.A Apr 26 at 21:17
  • Ctrl + k + 0: fold all levels (namespace, class, method, block)
  • Ctrl + k + 1: namspace
  • Ctrl + k + 2: class
  • Ctrl + k + 3: methods
  • Ctrl + k + 4: blocks
  • Ctrl + k + [ or Ctrl + k + ]: current cursor block
  • Ctrl + k + j : UnFold
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    btw, for those of us on OSX, use cmd in place of ctrl – ekkis May 31 at 22:52

Ctrl+K, Ctrl+1 then Ctrl+K, Ctrl+2 will do close to what you want.

The first command collapses level 1 (usually classes), the second command collapses level 2 (usually methods).

You might even find it useful to skip the first command.


Mac Users

Fold Commands

enter image description here

Unfold commands enter image description here


You should add user settings:

    "editor.showFoldingControls": "always",
    "editor.folding": true,
    "editor.foldingStrategy": "indentation", 
  • I've tried messing with this several times. Unsure how these settings help. I notice more - symbol buttons, but that's it. This doesn't seems to accomplish closing or opening "all" blocks. – Urasquirrel May 24 '18 at 14:00
  • @Urasquirrel I think the first line just shows all those icons instead of only showing them when you hover over the thin space near line numbers. the indentation foldingStrategy seems to be the default, as I haven't changed that myself, so you didn't notice anything. Not sure what folding does. – Jake T. May 30 '18 at 19:58
  • @JakeT. Thanks! That makes more sense. I kinda figured out the first one. I wish there was a way to auto fold all blocks or specific types of code when you open the files. For example typescript interfaces at the top of files are annoying as hell. When I hover an interface I can see it's definition so I don't need them open and taking up real estate. – Urasquirrel Jun 1 '18 at 13:07
  • @Urasquirrel No problem. I don't know if getting fine grained on which types to open/close is feasible, but the answer above ( stackoverflow.com/a/43710782/4544328 ) will show you how to close all, and then you could use the command to open an individual block as needed while editing code. It's the best low-effort solution available that I've found. – Jake T. Jun 1 '18 at 15:56

Use ctrl + k + 0 to fold all and ctrl + k + j to unfold all.

  • what about to unfold single code block? – Sunil Garg Mar 17 at 6:18
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    @SunilGarg You can use Ctrl + Shift + [ to fold single code block and Ctrl + Shift + ] to unfold – Abdus Salam Azad Mar 24 at 10:04

to collapse methods in the visual studio code editor 1. right-click anywhere in document and select "format document" option then hover next to number lines and you will see the (-) sign for collapsing method

NB. as per the visual studio code documentation,a folding region starts when a line has a smaller indent than one or more following lines, and ends when there is a line with the same or smaller indent.

  • Is there a way to make this work more intelligently. When you have TypeScript, the { } symbols don't just signify functions/methods. Often it relates to Objects, if/else statements too - and suddenly all that is being collapsed too. – JGFMK May 14 '17 at 13:44

I recently made an extension for collapsing c# code to definitions since I was also missing that feature from VS. Just look for "Fold to Definitions" and you should find it, or just follow this link.

The repo is public, so you can easily inspect the extension.ts file and adapt it to other languages. It is nowhere near perfect, but it does the job. It uses RegExs to find methods, properties, classes and then moves the selection to those lines and executes a fold command.


Collapse all is Fold all in VS Code.
Press Ctrl + k + s for All settings
Assign key which you want for fold all.
By default itsctrl + k + 0

  • This does not bring value as this is already discussed in other upvoted answers. – Nilambar Jul 9 at 6:57

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