I am trying to take build in an ionic2 application. I got this error while running ionic build android. The error log is

Error: Could not find gradle wrapper within Android SDK. Might need to    update your Android SDK.
Looked here: /home/varun/Android/Sdk/tools/templates/gradle/wrapper

I tried updating the sdk but it was found that the sdk version is latest.

When i looked at the Android/Sdk/tools folder there is no templates directory. I am running on ubuntu 16.04, with cordova version 6.5.0

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There has been a newer release of Cordova Android that also fixes some problems with SDK tools 26.x.x

cordova platform update android@6.2.2


cordova platform rm android
cordova platform add android@6.2.2

Old answer

Google broke Cordova Android 6.1.x and some other frameworks with their latest sdk tools update.

Cordova Android 6.2.1 has been released and it's now compatible with latest Android SDK.

You can update your current incompatible android platform with cordova platform update android@6.2.1

Or you can remove the existing platform and add the new one (will delete any manual change you did inside yourProject/platforms/android/ folder)

cordova platform rm android cordova platform add android@6.2.1

You have to specify the version because current CLI installs 6.1.x by default.

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    Didn't fix the issue for me. – dsp_099 Mar 21 '17 at 10:13
  • @dsp_099 did you remove android platform first? if you run cordova platforms what cordova-android version do you get? – jcesarmobile Mar 21 '17 at 11:40
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    then do a cordova platform rm android first and then cordova platform add https://github.com/apache/cordova-android, you should get 6.2.0-dev instead of 6.1.2 – jcesarmobile Mar 21 '17 at 11:47
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    When upgrading the android platform, this seems pretty messed up right now. :/ Spent like 4 hours just setting things up huh – Azarus Apr 7 '17 at 21:25
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    You little beauty. – Adam Apr 28 '17 at 12:42

I resolved by this by replacing the tools folder in my Android SDK with an older version of the SDK tools (r25.2.3). Follow these steps to do the same:

  1. Navigate to https://developer.android.com/studio/index.html, click "Download Options", scroll down, and download the command line tools package for your platform, ensuring that you get a version in the r25.2.X series (not r25.3.X).
  2. Unzip this folder. You should end up with a tools directory.
  3. Navigate to your $ANDROID_HOME directory (~/Library/Android/sdk/ on OS X).
  4. Rename the pre-existing tools directory there to tools.bak (e.g., mv tools tools.bak)
  5. Move the tools directory you just downloaded into the SDK folder (e.g., mv ~/Downloads/tools/ .)

A new major version of the SDK tools was just released, which appears to be causing some issues with Ionic (see the press release here: http://tools.android.com/recent/androidsdktoolsrevision2530feb2017).

  • DETAILS PLEASE, how do you "Change tools directory to tools_r25.2.3 directory."? – Sebastián Rojas Mar 10 '17 at 10:35
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    I think he meant to put all the files from r25.3.1 on the previously installed tools folder. – cesarvargas Mar 10 '17 at 15:23
  • Indeed, downloading the latest command line tools and paste its content in the /Android/sdk/tools folder solved the problem ;) – Carlos Delgado Mar 10 '17 at 16:26
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    AFAIKT I was able to get away with just copying the old tools/templates subdirectory into the Android/sdk/tools folder. – shaunc Mar 14 '17 at 4:47
  • Yes It WORKED thankks – shareef Mar 14 '17 at 17:29

This worked for me

cordova platform update android@6.1.2

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    you sure you don;t mean @6.2.1? – Elemental Apr 11 '17 at 7:32
  • I am sure, that is the version I am using – Mirko Nov 6 '17 at 14:30
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    This did not work for me. It still gave the same "can't find gradle wrapper" comment – androticus Jul 24 '18 at 0:09

There's no need to downgrade Android Tools. On Windows gradle moved from:



C:\Program Files\Android\Android Studio\plugins\android\lib\templates\gradle\wrapper

So you just need to ajust your path so that it points to the right folder.

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    where do we adjust it? in cordova? – mentat Apr 2 '17 at 1:17
  • @mentat update it in the windows path. – notsopopularguy Apr 11 '17 at 9:17

I had same problem and I solved it with Carlos Delgado's answer.

  • Android Path must be set before all things below.
  • Download the latest command line tools (https://developer.android.com/studio/index.html -> very bottom part)
  • Unzip -> copy and paste "tools > templates" folder to your project folder (/Libraries/Android/sdk/tools/)
  • press option key to see Libraries folder in your Finder
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    Can you explain better, excuse me, i don't get the part, tools > templates, i need copy the tools folder into template, o what project you say? – Pedro Miguel Pimienta Morales Apr 14 '17 at 6:56

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