What is the best way to handle cookies in Codename One (and make sure it works for iOS and Android, and future versions)

I saw that there are setCookiesEnabled() and setUseNativeCookieStore() methods in ConnectionRequest, and also people say we should override cookieReceived(Cookie c) method.

Please advise. Thanks!


Overriding cookieReceived is probably the only thing you need to do for most typical cookie handling. You will get a parsed Cookie object that you can work with within that method and can implement your handling logic.

  • I put in connectionRequest.setCookiesEnabled(true); and ConnectionRequest.setUseNativeCookieStore(true) ... and it is working perfectly. (So, I guess there is no need to override cookieReceived() and the hassle having to manage how/where to store the cookie data.) – ikevin8me Mar 10 '17 at 14:37

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