I am trying to change the color of text based on some specific if condition.

Currently, it is displaying correctly on the console as per expectation. But when I copy colored text to Excel, the color is gone.

Is there any way to keep the color while copying to Excel as well?

I am using the command below to change the color of a variable.

echo -e -n "\033[1;36m$monthly2\e[0m\n"

monthly2 is the name of variable.

  • This program converts the escape sequences into HTML: github.com/theZiz/aha/blob/master/aha.c . You could pipe your output through the aha binary to get HTML, then use that in Excel? My assumption is that Excel uses HTML/CSS to colorize text, but I don't know that. – Jameson Mar 9 '17 at 11:43

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