I am trying to code an simple PHP application which will retrieve some information from the remote Git repositories with terminal commands. I do not want to create a local working copy or repository. I only want to read information from remote repositories (browse tree, commit history, file diffs, download file), so it will be a read only connection.

What I need to do is to run a series of simple commands like those in SVN: log, ls, diff, cat,..

I have allready done that for SVN and it was easy. Usually commands were similar to this format:

svn --user myusername --pass mypassword --non-interactive command -r revisionNumber urlToRemoteRepository

My question is how to get similar information from Git repositories with terminal commands only?


I would SSH into the server using PuTTY (windows) or the ssh command (Mac/Linux) and run them from the command line there.

  • this is overkill for the end goal that the user wants to attain. – Adam Dymitruk Nov 24 '10 at 22:23

This is not the preferred workflow in git.

git fetch

Then use

gitk --all


git log --all --decorate --graph # optionally --oneline if there's lots there

to investigate what you got. Learn tree-ish syntax, branch specifications etc.

hope this helps


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