When I click on UI Automator viewer --> Device screenshot throws Error Unable to connect to adb. Check if adb is installed correctly.

I am trying to run it Appium. I am able to load the apk in the emulator, stuck on the UI Automator viewer due to the adb connection error.


Open with text editor (notepad/vim) the uiautomatorviewer.bat.

Find that line:

call "%java_exe%" "-Djava.ext.dirs=%javaextdirs%" "-Dcom.android.uiautomator.bindir=%prog_dir%" -jar %jarpath% %*

and change it to call "%java_exe%" "-Djava.ext.dirs=%javaextdirs%" "-Dcom.android.uiautomator.bindir=C:\DEV\androidSDK\tools" -jar %jarpath% %*

Please notice that you should put your Tools' path after the bindir.

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    It worked for me as well. Just edited the path in "-Dcom.android.uiautomator.bindir=<path on my machine>". Great save on time. Thanks – abhinavgoyal02 Aug 3 '17 at 2:05

Another fix is to just copy adb.exe next to the uiautomatorviewer.bat.

If I remember correctly, modified files can confuse Android Studio when updating SDK, so you have to manually delete in order to successfully update, meaning more future proof solution. Example: link


In my case the problem was that the uiautomatorviewer location was user/library/android/sdk/tools/bin and I was using it via $ uiautomatorviewer. The app was working correctly, but when I tried to get the view hierarchy adb error occured. Solution? Open it via $ open uiautomatorviewer xD


It worked for me after I stopped Appium server and retried.


Just copy adb.exe into uiautomatorviewer.bat folder.


Find the following code in UIautomatorviewer


"%java_exe%" "-Djava.ext.dirs=%javaextdirs%" "-Dcom.android.uiautomator.bindir=%prog_dir%" -jar %jarpath% %*

Set the bindir path to adb exe. path.

Or simply paste adb.exe with uiautomatorViewer

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