We have a localhost-only asp.net 3.5 website VB.NET project which has say 200 aspx pages.

We have someone external doing UX/UI for it and he has asked for an existing "sitemap".

Basically we want to give him a tree view of it all, like:

  - Contact Page
       - Message Received Thankyou
 - Products
       - Product A
       - Product B

Is there any tool that we can use to generate a HTML page or similar just to show all this automatically?


Here are three options:

  1. Create a site map navigation page on the site
  2. You can use the ASP.NET TreeView in conjunction with the SiteMapDataSource control to achieve this:

    Understanding and Extending the Site Navigation System in ASP.NET 2.0

    More information (caveat, old blog of mine).

  3. You could also use the SEO Toolkit to generate a Sitemap in XML format

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