I am trying to upgrade a Google App Engine app from the standard environment to the flexible environment. I am having an issue similar to the one described here, except I am only seeing the following error:

ERROR: (gcloud.app.deploy) Your application does not satisfy all of the requirements for a runtime of type [go]. Please correct the errors and try again.

I cannot find a log which details the missed requirements.

Google describes how to update an older (standard) app to the flexible environment here. They suggest running the aefix tool, but there are no instructions on how to run the tool. I ran go get google.golang.org/appengine/cmd/aefix to install it. I also looked through the source code and saw the following usage requirement: usage: aefix [-diff] [-r fixname,...] [-force fixname,...] [path ...]. However, the aefix command is not found. (I also tried running the compiled binary at $GOPATH/bin/aefix, but it just hangs).


Sadly, that documentation was out of date. I've sent a pull request to fix it.

Those APIs (mostly) do not work from App Engine flexible. They're only useful from Standard.

See the documentation on cloud.google.com on migrating an app from the standard environment to flexible.

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