I've just downloaded the latest version of Android Studio (23.2) and apparently the AVD Manager and SDK Manager applications aren't available anymore:

Android SDK Manager

They used to be in \Android\sdk . But now in the \Android\sdk\tools\bin folder there are multiple .bat files:

Bat Files

However neither by running the files as administrator or with the command line starts the graphical interface, they're just command line tools.

Were these apps removed in the last version? Do i need to handle the SDK and Virtual Devices through the command line now?

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After some research, it seems that the old apps aren't available anymore. Instead you should use the manager inside Android Studio:

Android Studio Android SDK

And the same should be done with the AVD Manager (Tools > Android > AVD Manager).

As a i work with Cordova, I did not think of it before. I hope that this help the people that have the same problem that i had.


If you, just like me, don't want to use Android Studio, you have two alternatives:

  1. Use this Windows-only GUI some 3rd-party developers made.

  2. Deal with the CLI.

To install stuff via the CLI the easiest way I found was:

./sdkmanager --update
./sdkmanager --list > log.txt
(Find the packages you want reading log.txt)
./sdkmanager --install "package_name_in_quotes"

These are Linux instructions, but the only real difference on Windows is that you'll use sdkmanager.bat instead of ./sdkmanager.

Don't forget to actually go to the directory before running these commands, in my case that would be cd /opt/android/tools/bin.

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