In my Angular component ngOnInit() I want to:

  1. Read route parameter and execute a dependent HTTP call with it as argument.
  2. Execute separate HTTP call.
  3. Wait for both HTTP calls to finish.

Both HTTP calls are always executing, but when my first observable is wired up to route.params, the forkJoin(...).subscribe(...) method never runs. If I replace this.route.params with Observable.of({id: 1234}) forkJoin().subscribe() gets called properly.

// VERSION 1 forkJoin().subscribe() never gets called
var dependentObservable = this.route.params
    .switchMap(params => {
        this.myId = +params['id'];
        return this.myService.getMyInfo(this.myId);

// VERSION 2 forkJoin().subscribe gets called
var dependentObservable = Observable.of({id: 123})
    .switchMap(params => {
        this.myId = +params['id'];
        return this.myService.getMyInfo(this.myId);

var independentObservable = this.myService.getOtherInfo();

Observable.forkJoin([dependentObservable, independentObservable])
        results = { ... },
        error => { ... },
        () => { ... }

My guess is route.params is never completed. That's why forkJoin does not work. You can use combineLatest instead of forkJoin

  • Why it is never completed? – Krishnadas PC Aug 1 '18 at 12:13
  • 1
    Because routes can change. – Robin Dijkhof Aug 2 '18 at 8:33

According to this doc forkJoin emit the last value from each observables, when all observables completed.

Observable.of({id: 123}) 

will be compleated immediately after giving {id: 123}



Will never be completed. Since route params can be changed by a user when he edits browser address bar. This changes will be never stopped.

I think you can complete observable using take(1):


Or, If you want to be responsive to changing of route params use combineLatest

Observable.combineLatest(dependentObservable, independentObservable)

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