I have a CouchDB database with 2 documents.

Doc 1

  "_id": "001",
  "_rev": "1-xyz",
  "status": "Pending",

Doc 2 - First Revision

  "_id": "002"
  "_rev": "1-abc"
  "status": "Pending"

Doc 2 - Second Revision

  "_id": "002"
  "_rev": "2-def"
  "status": "Executing"

Now, I need to search for documents with "Status" as "Pending". I am using following HTTP cURL Command to do so.

curl -X GET 'http://server_name.com:5984/my_tasks/_all_docs?Status=Pending'

This cURL Statement returns both the document, but I just want cURL to lookup in the updated revisions not the old ones. In this case I want it to skip First Revision of Document 2. Which cURL Statement should I use for that ?

  • You need to create a view. – Flimzy Mar 13 '17 at 21:14

You are currently using unsupported Couch HTTP parameters.

For the full list of Query parameters, refer to this documentation.

If you want to query the _all_docsendpoint, you can only specify the document id(s) like this : ?key="002"

If you want to query the document on other fields, you can either:

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